When you deeply love someone, we know you want to give them the best on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, here at Maxwells, we have done the hard work for you! We have selected the best of the best milk and dark chocolates and gift wrapped them in our deluxe heart box. Your sweetheart will delight in our caramels, creams, truffles, and clusters. Hearts will flutter at the richness and creaminess of our chocolate making it truly a most unforgettable Valentine’s Day.


If bite-sized truffles are more your style, select the option to include all truffles. With flavors like black forest, amaretto, champagne, toasted coconut and rum your sweetie will love you forever!  (It is also worth noting that all our truffles are naturally gluten-free.)

Selection and box design may vary from the photo. All boxes are hand packed to include our freshest chocolates. 


"My Treasured Valentine" Assortment